Day 1

So this summer I will be working with Amber Case,  a “cyborg anthropologist” and a leader in the virtual reality (VR) field. What is a cyborg anthropologist? Basically, someone who studies how technology and people interact. Amber’s claim is we are all cyborgs due to the uses of our phones and other technology. Her accomplishments include earning a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center, keynote speaking at a TED event and assuming the role of a visiting MIT researcher at MIT Media Lab/Center for Future Civic Media.

Long story short I got in contact with her and said “I want to learn from you! How can I work with you and be of any help this summer?” She told me about the VR (virtual reality) research she’s interested in and invited me to participate.

I believe that this is a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of the industry atmosphere; all my experience has been in academic. I hope to make connections with new people in the AR/VR space. I hope to understand what industry research entails and the methodology behind it. I want to learn from and see how she breaks down a problem and the thought process behind it and follow trends that are seen in the industry.

It’ll be a great summer!


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