First Conference is LiveWorx Technology Conference

This is my first non-academic conference...and my first taste of industry research it was AWESOME!

So PTC is a technology company that Amber works with and that’ll I’ll be working with in a way. They sponsored the LiveWorx conference.

PTC is a company that is connecting AR (augmented reality) with IoT (Internet of things), so using technology to find solutions and solve industry problems before they happen. Basically a “fitbit on a machine”

Random word I learned today PLM = Product lifestyle management.

Amber also spoke at the conference on AR/VR and calm technology.
“We need to work alongside technology not be automated by it”. A great example of working along side technology is google search, you input data and there are options for you to choose from a list, that’s an example of technology helping us.

“We need smarter people not smarter devices”-Mark Weiser.

It was a mix of a concert, tradeshow, and attending industry talks 😊

Also check this waste management company out! They cut cost by 93% in a year!!!


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