GirlsWhoCode – Reshma Saujani

Highlights from her talk:

-be a change agent
-500K open jobs in computing now whereas only 40K CS graduates every year
37% females in computing industries in 1995 now 2017 24%
Steve jobs had more women on his tech team than any other technology company today.
Why did this happen? She says its because of Marketing…It targeted little boys.
We celebrate the fact that women aren’t good at math. “forever 21 t shirt that says allergic to algebra”
71% stem jobs are in computing.
We’ve raised our girls to be perfect and boys are thought to be brace
By teaching girls to code I thought them how to be brave. Because coding is iterative its trial and error
Now in the past her program went from 20 girls in a classroom to 40K thousand. That number is powerful because only 7,000 women graduated in the classroom.
You cannot be what you cannot see. This is her claim…she wants these young girls in the workplace that’s why she partners with ESPN, NBC, and other organizations.
Success stories
Daniele Okezie-harvard who is making an app
Nastasia Efremkina – applied for a patent, youngest person to apply for a patent
Trisha Prabhu – creator of rethink application

Why is this important. Her students built a game called “Tampon Run” to inform users about menstrual cycle.

A guy would not have done that! This is why its important, we need to change the culture.


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