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Had my first product design test today with PTC.  I signed a non-disclosure agreement so I can’t really say much but what I can say is that I walked out of there feeling like Amber haha. I critiqued everything to the fullest and it just shows how much I’ve learned in such 3 short days.
Today I had an amygdala hijacking aka someone said something completely sexist and I had to leave the room for a bit. Speaking to Amber about it later made me realize that I am no longer in a wonderful liberal arts conference on top of a magical mountain. She explained to me that if she let people get to her she wouldn’t be who she is today… She gave me a guide to help
Amber's coping guide
  • ·       Assume positive things…even when they are jerks.
  • ·       Understand the context and how people are produced around you.
  • ·       When you want to feel jealous or upset think of the pains that the other person might be going through or the constraints the other person might be going through in their life…
  • ·       Keep in mind the thoughts are taking up all of your time and none of theirs.
  • ·       You deserve to be in any given place no matter what.
  • ·       When people say, you can’t do a thing remember that social norms are repeated everyday but they aren’t real it’s just people repeating things.
  • ·       When you talk about stuff keep it on topic.
  • ·       If you feel the need to leave and cool down.
  • ·       You have a short period of time on this earth and you want to do the things you are focused on that is under your control and no one can take that away from you.
  • ·       Not everyone will have the capacity to understand where you are coming from but you will have the capacity to understand and ignore.
  • ·       Whenever you feel bad make sure you need to exercise and eat bc it’s a loop if you don’t
  • ·       You can influence people.
  • ·       Make sure you use a person’s words so they can understand you.


  1. Excellent words of wisdom- thanks for sharing these!


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