Portland, Oregon

Today we fly to Portland, Oregon where I will be trained in an Advanced Camera Class with the Sony FS7. This training will help create a mixed reality greenscreen video demonstrating basic and advanced UX (user experience) patterns for VR.

I’m excited to see Portland again and I am so fortunate and blessed for this opportunity.

Two cents I’ve learned so far:

-the tech industry specifically manufacturing is all about making money. Yes, it is obvious but being at the LiveWorx conference I learned that the hard way. During these past four days, I’ve had 2 job offers, people try to schedule me to come demo my AR (augmented reality) research to them, and the utter disappearance of myself when I tell them “no”. These conferences are great for demo’ing new toys but from my perspective it’s a way to network and climb up the ladder.

-Amber is a unique researcher. She exists in the academic and industry domain. It’s something that I may do. I’ve learned from her, that to “be smart and hardworking but most importantly be clever”, intelligence and hard work will get you to the door but what happens when you enter into the house depends on you.


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