R.I.P for the ones who lost their lives & pray for the families of the victims.

R.I.P to the two men who tried to stop a hate crime in Portland.

It was a reminder to me to do work that benefits people in underrepresented groups.

I stand for equality.

No matter your race, gender, religion, sexuality, you are a person and people should be judge on “the content of their character”.

Wow the last few days of portland has been way more than i can ask for….in the best way imaginable.

In the wake of what some will call one of the worst weekends in Portland, I took sometime to reflect, to really understand what motivates me. Helping people. Yea. I just want to help people. Right now that is showing that we are all equal and stopping any types of hate crimes.

I met a fellow developer name Steph. So Steph loves this VR game called Anyland, its a game where you can create anything. Very similar to minecraft if you have heard of it. I like think I will begin to use Anyland to develop a few research experiments but those are for the future...esp for rapid prototyping.

Amber and I are at a hackerspace called “CTRL+H” They have a VR lab that we have been working out of and doing some research with Anyland among other games.

Still learning & loving it

Its only been 8 days  on the job.
Best internship ever..


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