So it has been a great experience so far in Portland.

I’ve been working out of the CTRL+H hackerspace & the XChurch learning a ton from a VR developer Stephanie Mendoza who works with Portland Immersive Media Group

Stephanie is teaching me how to use Unity. Its a game engine and most VR work is done in Unity or in Unreal Engine. She’s showing me how to create characters, objects, and animate them! Which is a huge challenge. For those not technically sound imagine creating a cartoon and representing it in a 3-dimensional space, then having that cartoon walk, talk, and have other objects in that space interact with it. Pretty neat stuff if I may say so myself.

Now, XChurch is a VR operated group/lab/exhibit space in Portland that uses the space of an old church (hence the name) to do VR work here.

I’d say the most interesting thing about being in Portland is that there are so many artistic people here especially in the VR space…much more than I have ever seen on the east coast. They are using this technology to create art. It’s beautiful and it reminds me of modern European tech culture.
So this is day 10. Yes DAY 10 and I have learned a ton and am enjoying everything so far. Amber is such an influential and resourceful researcher. I believe it helps having a young mentor who can relate to me in ways that Professors and other mentors cannot.
So blessed and fortunate for this experience so far!

Stay tuned



  1. I am loving your blog- keep writing! I agree with you- you may have indeed the best internship ever :).


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