This summer > else

Wow I am so blessed to be in this position. We are more than half way done with this paper :-)
you know this summer has been amazing so you ask well there is

  • testing virtual reality games..yes this means playing a ton of vr games. 
  • working with interesting genuinely nice people at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center (shout out to the wonderful interns you wonderful people rock!)
  • flown to Portland...
  • invited to the hackerspace Ctrl+h
  • walking around MIT media lab like oooooh my goodness.
  • having the resources to conduct research in a low stress environment
  • working on a great game computer (shoutout to Sewanee Career Services fund)
  • learning how to prepare for a talk, presentation, and understanding the differences between industry audience and academic audience
  • getting to do two talks at Harvard
  • went to arguably the best tech conference of the summer
  • learned its best to think outside the box even when it may be uncomfortable
  • got the spiel about calm technology
  • living in boston
  • inspired daily by beautiful people
  • offered two jobs

but the best part. the very best part. is being able to work with Amber. Yes, shes a MiT researcher, yes shes a Harvard Berkman fellow, yes she has written numerous books, and will be on the New York Times best seller one day, yes I've witnessed tons of people try to hire her with ridiculous offerings, yes she averages a talk every two weeks, and yes she sold her company in her 20s. 

But the very best part of working with her is because she cares. She cares so much about people. She cares so much about making sure everyone around her is becoming better. How do I know?

The amount of personal & professional development time Amber has put into me is astonishing. I have grown so many ways I couldn't imagine. She taught me how to command respect, to speak to people in a language that they will understand (mostly bc she speaks to primarily male audiences), to be a clever about business, to be different, love what you do. Be nervous, if it doesn't freak you out its not big enough. to live. to laugh, to be human and take breaks have fun. the bad times come but things get better. 

She's amazing. 



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