Editing. . .

This summer has been a ton of fun. Playing cough cough I mean testing VR games and applications and now the editing begins. So far we have about roughly 25 pages unedited in google doc and for some reason 40 pages when I used Microsoft word spacing issues...but that is neither here or there. The goal now is to cross our "t"s and dot the "i"s. I am really beginning to feel like an academic which someday I hope to be.  This week I'm excited to meet Mary Gray, who is the type of researcher I hope to one day be. She works with Microsoft Research and has faculty positions in the academic realm. She is known for her work in LGBT studies. If I can do what she is/has done for racism it would be great. One of the perks for being in Cambridge this summer is there are so many influential people here who are doing amazing amazing things.


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